Beaneath The Crescent Moon 

by Louis J. Cuccia

Available December 2020

When Cotton Was King, Memoirs of a Boy's Summer



Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee in 1959

Printed by Morris Publishing, 2003

Edited by Arlene Uslander




The Bottle Tree


Living on the farmlands of Assumption Parish in southern Louisiana, two ten-year-old girls, Cassie and Brooke, find themselves in the middle of a mystery. The girls are surrounded by Cajan superstitions that cloud the minds of the local law enforcers in the search for Lionel "Coon" Landy, wanted for murder and assault. Sheriff Dean and Deputy Tower team up with Jim Nash, the Parish attorney, in order to figure out the farmhouse break-ins and curious clues left behind.


Cassie is pulled into the mystery, as her friend, Brooke, is knocked unconscious from a near-miss shotgun blast near the Lower Grand at Grassy Lake. Cassie has to cope with the death of her grandfather from Alzheimer's disease and the almost fatal loss of her grandmother at the hands of the break-in bandit. Unknowingly, Cassie holds the key to the mystery as she attempts to open the secret of The Bottle Tree.


Printed by Morris Publishing, 2003

Young Adult Mystery

Illustration by Cassie Cuccia LaFevor

Edited by Arlene Uslander




The Adventures of J.G. and Echo, The Land of all Creatures and The Swamp Creature


The Adventures of J.G. and Echo is a fanciful story of two young squirrels and their quest to find "The Land of all Creatures" and the "Swamp Creature." Their first adventure takes them to the brink of danger as they cross paths with Russ, the forest bobcat, and Scratch, the sewer rat king.


In their first adventure, J.G. and Echo have their first encounter with a boy-child, get tossed around in a monkey cage, and have a battle with an elephant.

In their second adventure, "The Swamp Creature," the two young squirrels find themselves in a terrifying life-and-death situation with SSST, the swamp snake, and Gator, the swamp creature.

Meet Papa Joe, J.G.'s grandfather; Whisker, Echo's rat cousin; Frankie, the roly-poly raccoon; Page, J.G.'s first girlfriend; and Hoppy, the swamp frog, as these memorable characters fill the pages with adventure, suspense, and great fun.


Printed by Book Masters, Inc, 2003

Children's Picture Book

Edited by Arlene Uslander

Illustrated by Dolores "Midgie" Humphreys




God's Special Angels


Terry and April are twenty-year-old newlyweds. Both finished high school in 1996, married a year later and found their place in the work force. The pressures of married life, family interference, and financial stress present the young couple with a life and death decision. God's Special Angels is their story.


Printed by Morris Publishing, 2005

Pro-Life Adult Book

Edited by Arlene Uslander

Illustrated cover by Dolores "Midgie" Humphreys

The Ghosts of Cotton Row

Well-known Memphis detective Lou Cros heads up the investigation team to find a serial killer, nicknamed the Mangler, whose victims are homeless men. In a bizarre coincidence, the victims are all to the Union Avenue Mission and the historic districts of Beale Street and Cotton Row. As part of the investigation, Lou searches for a homeless man who might be the only living person with information that could lead to the Mangler's idenity.

Published by, 2010
Adult mystery
Edited by Arlene Uslander